Thursday, February 12, 2015

Throwback Thursday

I was planning on doing an unboxing video for today's post, but unfortunately the package I'm expecting has yet to arrive and I'm not entirely sure with all of the snow we've been getting when it's actually going to get here! So in lieu of that post, I thought it'd be fun to mix it up a bit. I have a random assortment of old photos that my parents have scanned on my external hard drive and I always like to go through them for a good laugh. Since today is a Thursday, I thought I'd share a few throwbacks with you! Hope you enjoy. :)

Christmas 1990 (I'd assume because I'm still extremely infant-like and not quite in the toddler realm yet)! My cousins Amanda and Colby are on the left, and my sister and I are on the right. How cute are we? (I mean Colby looks like he wants nothing to do with taking the photo, but still adorable!)

I have no idea when this was taken, but I'd assume I'm about 2 in this picture. Hugging the absolute bejesus out of that stuffed animal! AND LOOK HOW CHUBBY MY CHEEKS ARE. My parents always tell me that I always looked like a chipmunk for the longest time. They weren't kidding!

A bit older here, probably around 2.5/3 years old. My sister is KILLING IT in her zebra jacket. Looking like we're ready to go tackle a snow storm! I wish I had as much enthusiasm for snow as I did when I was little! P.S. Note the footie pajamas in the laundry basket behind my sister. Those were the days...

Probably a solid 3 years old in this picture. I vaguely remember this being at a barbeque or summer party of some kind. I loving my animal attire, especially that juice stain running down the front of my shirt. That is also probably the weirdest attempt of a smile I've ever seen myself do, hahaha. I must have been an interesting child.

I hope you enjoyed those! I was laughing so hard just noticing all of those minor details of each photo. Throwback Thursdays are so fun! Add me on Instagram (@rmfickfack) so I can see yours!

Have a safe and warm weekend, everyone!

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