Thursday, January 22, 2015

Serial and Cereal

The last few weeks before students returned to the three campuses I work at were pretty low-key. I started and finished Yes, Please (if you love Amy Poehler you will love her book), finished watching House of Cards (honestly, not my favorite show in the world - I'm not hugely interested in politics - but I'm going to give it one more season before calling it quits), and have continued to clear out and organize my apartment for the impending clutter of the new semester. My final semester of graduate courses start on Monday and I'm feeling ready!

Over the weekend, Brett and I took a road trip up to New Hampshire to give my parents a visit before classes start up again and swallow me whole. On the way up we decided to give the Serial podcast a shot and it hooked us and hooked us hard. We listened to about two or three episodes in the car, but when we got to the house we replaced our Netflix-before-bed ritual with listening to Serial 1930's style. It was a cool change of pace!

New program idea: Serial and cereal!

The podcast revisits a true murder case out of Baltimore, Maryland that occurred in 1999, and outlines some of the major holes that weren't filled in before sentencing a teenager to life in prison. Brett and I managed to finish up the entire podcast in one weekend and we are both SO FRUSTRATED by the ending! I won't post my thoughts on what I think the outcome is so I don't spoil anything for those of you that are interested in checking it out, but I highly, highly recommend listening to this true story in your spare time. I guarantee it will leave you wanting more when you finish it!

We also spent a lot of time these last few weeks cheering on the Patriots and watching them punch their ticket to Super Bowl XLIX. I think my face in this photo really sums up how I feel about it:

I'm so excited but SO NERVOUS! The Seahawks are a scary team (we were rooting for Green Bay to win), and I really don't want to come out of a third Super Bowl feeling deflated. We'll just have to see how it all plays out on February 1st! 



  1. OMG SERIAL. My whole office was obsessed with it! I didn't think the ending would be satisfying and of course it sort of wasn't. Still an awesome podcast though! Couldn't stop thinking/reading/listening about it after I finished it haha.

    1. Me either! I was researching all the details and really trying to figure out who actually did it. So frustrating and intriguing!

  2. I still haven't jumped on the Serial bandwagon yet, but it almost seems like a must now!

    I always love reading your posts, so I nominated you for the versatile blogger award over on my blog ( hyperactive daydream ).

    Have a lovely day!
    xo, Katie

    1. Oh man, you really have to! It will get you hooked! Thank you so much for the kind words and the nomination! :)