Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Instaspirtation {#2}

Every now and then I'll find myself scrolling through Tumblr or Instagram and someone will post a quote or an image that I find particularly inspiring. If I find something that strikes a chord with me, I'll save it to my phone so I can find some inspirtation later on when I need it. Here's a collection of what's been speaking to me lately. (Click to make it larger!)

1. Always choose to make the best of things in life. | 2. Sometimes opportunity has to be created. | 3. Ignore the ~haters~ | 4. Put out positive energy and there's a good chance it will come back to you. | 5. I know I can do it again because I've done it once before. | 6. Set backs can only take you farther in the future. | 7. Be grateful for what you have. | 8. Never take yourself too seriously (wise words from the late Joan Rivers). | 9. Enjoy your life, no matter how hectic it can sometimes be!
10. You can't control others - don't worry about them. | 11. Commitment is key. | 12. Always show love. | 13. A little adventure is good for the soul. | 14. Sometimes set backs mean a step forward is coming back your way soon. | 15. Mind over matter. | 16. Which is more important? | 17. Joan Rivers was herself through and through and never apologized for it. I love this cartoon (and her for telling us that's okay!) | 18. Adversity can only make you stronger if you choose to let it.

I've been reading Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek the past couple of days and have been feeling so inspired through the stories and cases presented in the pages. It's really putting a lot of my own beliefs on leadership into words as well as presenting a few things that I hadn't thought of before. I'm really enjoying it and you should definitely check it out if you find yourself in a lot of team or group working environments in your life. Here's an excerpt that I posted to my Instagram to whet your leadership appetite:

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  1. These are excellent! I love a bit of instaspiration also; these are really enlightening, I may have to use some for my own wellbeing! :) x
    Life inside the Locket