Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Favorites 2014!

I've seen these floating around the blog & YouTube world for a while now, and I've always wanted to take a whack at my own, but as these are traditionally posted monthly and as I don't try too many new things month-to-month, I didn't think these would be very easy for me to do. However, I had the idea to attempt to do these seasonally instead, thought that plan would work out much better, and here we are!

I know that most people still have a whole month of summer left, but in Higher Ed. land, August is a *huge* month of preparation for the return of students, so although the sun is still shining and the weather is still beautiful, it's time for me to get my nose back to the grind stone. So, while may be a bit early, here are my favorites for Summer 2014!

Activity | Kan Jam

Brett and I have been all about Kan Jam this summer! It's a game where you are trying to get a Frisbee into a little slot in a trashcan-like receptacle, but there are other ways to score points as well. When we were down the Cape we actually got pretty good at it! It's a pretty expensive buy (roughly $40 for two pieces of plastic and a Frisbee... so 3 pieces of plastic) but I'm sure you can make a DIY version for much cheaper! (Hmmm... possible future video?)

App | TimeHop

A throwback inside joke from when I was an Orientation Leader!

I know that this app has been around for a while, but I've really been loving it this summer! It's so fun to see old Twitter interactions with friends and old photos which has really helped be step up my #TBT game. I have a few "what was I THINKING?!" moments when I look at each day, but for the most part I really enjoy using this app.

Apparel | Roxy Wave Flip Flops

Left: stretched out old pair | Right: still-haven't-been-worn *new* pair

I've had this pair of Roxy Flip Flops for nearly two years and I absolutely love them. Over time, I've worn them pretty much into the ground, so I had to buy some new ones this summer. However, I managed to find the same pair so I didn't have to change up my summer footwear style (isn't that the best?!). These go with pretty much anything and are super, super comfy - exactly what you need for shoes in the summer!

Book | The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I loved this book. It's an interesting take on WWII and Nazi Germany, as it's told in the perspective of Death. Death chronicles a German family who does not agree with the anti-Semitic ideals of the Nazis, and even winds up harboring a Jew themselves. It's a bit of a heavy read (I mean, it's about WWII, so that's a given), but it's so good and I definitely recommend it.

Food & Drink | Peaches

I could not get enough peaches this summer! Every time I walked past the peaches in the grocery store and could smell just how sweet they were, I just had to buy some. I don't know what it was this summer, because I've never been a huge peach fan, but I LOVED me some peaches this season!

Home & Office | Animal File Folders

I bought these in May with some birthday money and I have been LOVING them! I used them to carry around my homework for my summer course (as I did a lot of road trippin') and not only are they conveniently sized for all of my bags, but they are frickin' ADORABLE. Definitely my favorite purchase for organization this season!

Movie | Queen of Versailles

I didn't watch too many movies this summer, but I went on a bit of a Netflix documentary kick in early July. This was definitely one of the most interesting ones that I watched. It documents the lives of one of the richest families in the country and how the burst of the real estate bubble burst halted the construction of their $100 million home and essentially tore the marriage of the two heads of the household apart. There is a lot of comparison between the lifestyle of the family and the people that work for them (drivers, nannies, etc.) and showcases the warped sense of reality that a few members of the family have. It's definitely a good watch and makes you appreciate all you do have while you have it instead of worrying about what you don't.

Song | "Latch" - Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

My Orientation Leaders got me hooked on this song and two months later I'm still obsessed! I fell in love with Sam Smith in high school, but really haven't heard much from him since the mid to late 2000's. When I heard the OLs playing this song I immediately had to find out what it was. Definitely #1 on my Summer 2014 playlist!

TV Show | Orange is the New Black - Season 2

This season was awesome! I started watching the series in April so I was anxiously anticipating the arrival of season 2 in June. I love that this season focuses much more on the supporting character's stories (like Morello, Poussey, and Crazy Eyes) as well as incorporating a few more aspects of the book (though of course, it does not follow the same plotline, for entertainment sake). If you haven't gotten on the OITNB train yet and you need some guilty pleasure entertainment, definitely sit down on a rainy day and give it a shot!

Memories | Orientation Banquet and Fireworks with Brett

I couldn't decide between these two! They were both so special to me.

The Orientation Banquet was filled with so many sweet memories of spending time with the OLs and hearing the words of appreciation from so many different people. It's very difficult for me to totally capture my feelings about this night in words, but it was one of those times where I knew I'm on the right path in life and wouldn't trade any of it for the world. (Read more about my orientation experience here!)

Going to see the 5th of July (yes, 5th) fireworks with Brett was also one of my favorite moments of the summer. We don't really get a lot of opportunities to go out together, and this was a little bit of an impromptu date night! This was such a nice night with my love, watching the fireworks and cuddling. Just something about simple nights like this mean so much! (Read more about that evening here!)

I chat about all of my favorites in the coinciding video below - check it out!

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