Sunday, May 18, 2014


Yesterday afternoon I logged onto my student account to check my final grades for the semester and happened upon...

A in Group Counseling
A in Multicultural Counseling
A- in Ethics

This means two things:

1. I maintained my 3.9 GPA but much more importantly...

I honestly had no idea how I was doing in my classes throughout the whole semester, which is never a reassuring thing for me, but knowing that I'm *officially* through half of my graduate school requirements makes me so over the moon happy. Only one year to go and I will have my Master's degree. Hell. Yes.

I had originally planned on getting right back into school with the first summer session, but due to an advising mix up, I no longer can take one of the classes I had originally planned to in the fall, so I decided to give myself a little break and move the class that was supposed to take starting May 15th to my fall schedule. (That may have sounded a little confusing in text, but essentially a bad thing turned into a good thing and now I'm out of school until July 28th. YAY!) I'm kind of digging this whole 2-months-off idea (from school, at least) and am already getting back into some of my personal life pleasures, like reading for fun (currently wrapped up with The Book Theif - it's wonderful) and working out regularly - both of which got seriously neglected the past few months.

I'm also hoping to blog and vlog more regularly this summer. (Vlogging will need to wait a little while, though. My camera is currently M.I.A. somewhere in my apartment... pretty sure I left it somewhere absentmindedly and it'll turn up somewhere.) I have a slew of blog and video ideas and I can't wait to share them with you!

Tomorrow I'm starting a new position at BSU (Student Orientation Programming Coordinator) that will last through most of the summer while I'm not *technically* a Grad Assistant (even though I'm *technically* a Grad Assistant through May 30th...). I'm excited to get back into Orientation land after a 4 year absence (I was an Orientation Leader back in the summer of 2010) and experience it from a different perspective. Orientation is what made me first fall in love with working with students and I am so happy I get to get back to it!

I hope you all are having a wonderful May so far. I'm looking forward to catching up with all of you via your blogs, and also looking forward to blogging much, much more! :)

(P.S. One of my students is trying her hand at blogging during her summer internship! Go give her a visit here!) 


  1. so exciting! congrats on your grades and good luck on starting your new position!