Thursday, February 23, 2017

#Project5 Book Buying Plan

You might know that one of my goals for 2017 is to taper my book buying, and you may have been a little thrown off yesterday when I posted my first book haul for the year ALREADY. Well, friends, not long after I stopped recording that haul, I logged onto YouTube and one of my favorite book tubers, Catriona at Little Book Owl, reminded me of the #Project5 book buying plan that helps to slow your book buying. I'm not sure where this project originated, but I did find this video from Ermahgerd Berks that describes a "Project 10" book buying plan which this may have stemmed from and outlines the jist of what I'll be shooting to accomplish with this book buying plan.

As of writing this post, I own a whopping 133 books that I have not read yet. That is a LOT of book, you guys! It's not like I don't want to read the books that I own - I absolutely do! I just get very distracted with new recommendations and buying pretty new books is extremely cathartic, especially with how stressful things have been so far this year! I often log onto Amazon, Book Outlet, or Book Depository ~just to browse~ and then before I know my shopping cart is filled with 15 books and my credit card is out. It's a problem y'all.

Enter: #Project5!

#Project5 tracking sheet in my bullet journal

Basically, the aim of this project is to slow down my book buying a bit, which is what I'm aiming to do this year anyway. The idea is that I MUST read at least 5 books that I own before I'm allowed to buy one. Because I'm only counting the books that I own toward this project, library books or books that I borrow from friends do not count toward this plan. I will be allowing myself to "bank" books, so say I read ten books and hadn't yet bought a book for the first five books I read, I can then buy two books, and so on. I'm assuming that I'll likely go with this "banking" strategy throughout the year because I love buying multiple books at a time!

I will be allowing "exceptions" throughout the year which will include:

-Books that are gifted to me throughout the year won't count as bought books
-I will be allowed to spend any gift cards I receive on books
-I will be allowed to treat myself to max 5 books for my birthday and for Christmas, and these "treat yo'self" books must be purchased within the month of my birthday/Christmas (so May and December)
-If I unhaul 10 books off my shelf (whether that is a read book or an unread book) I will be allowed to purchase 1 book

Post-it to keep track of my unhauls on the same page in my bullet journal

I'm really excited to take on this new project of mine and hopefully this will help to taper my book buying a little bit. I'll still be able to put together fun hauls every once in a while as well because those are some of my favorite videos to film! I will, of course, let you know how this project works for me. If you're planning on doing something similar or already do something similar, please tell me in the comments! I would love to know!

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