Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hand Lettering Play

I've been trying out new hand lettering techniques in my planner lately. I've been really inspired by bullet journal Instagram posts and YouTube videos and have been pushing myself to try new designs each time I sit down to make my pages for the week. Part of using a bullet journal system is having the freedom to be as creative as you'd like, and I've found that many of the bullet journals I'm drawn to are extremely artistic and aesthetically beautiful. I'm a big fan, and have been challenging myself to try out some of the techniques I admire! Here are a few videos of bullet journalers that have handwriting and illustration styles that I'm a big fan of:

Kara (aka Boho Berry) is really popular in the bullet journal world right now and rightfully so because her spreads are gorgeous! This is a video of her practicing banners and headers that she can potentially use in her bullet journal in the future. (Which is also a great point - practice, practice, practice! Skills like the ones I admire take time, patience, and practice and do not come over night. Keep working at your style!) Check out her YouTube and Instagram for more inspiration!

Fran (aka Frannerd) is a freelance illustrator and has been someone I've been LOVING over the last few months. Her illustration style is so whimsical and wonderful and her personality keeps me coming back to watch all of her videos. (I not-so-secretly want to be her best friend.) I love her handwriting and her style, and while I don't really try to emulate it myself, I still come away from all of her videos feeling super inspired and motivated to create, so I thought that this video showcasing her planning method deserved a spot on this post! If you're interested in seeing more of her artwork check out her Instagram, and for more behind the scenes stuff check out her YouTube

Anna (aka Pixel Pearls) is another artist who makes polymer charms and (surprise!) uses a bullet journal. Her style is very similar to Kara's, but I love this video because it shows you a different technique of creating headers and banners for her bullet journal. This video shows that it's okay to use tools to reach the look that you want to get to and, like Kara, it's important to take time to practice! Her YouTube shows more of her planner page development, and her adorable charms can be found on her Etsy shop!

I'm going to leave you with a few of my favorite hand lettered banners in my planner that I've made in the last couple of weeks. I'm always looking for more inspiration, so if you have any bullet journalers you think I should check out, please leave them in the comments!

Happy planning! <3

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