Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mixtape of the Moment: Spring 2016

Spring has been a blur (as it usually is) and I never really had a ton of time to really search for new music. Most of this playlist consists of songs that caught my attention while they were playing in the background while answering a marathon of emails or scrambling to get last-minute project accomplished before a large on-campus event. Most of these are super upbeat EDM/pop/hip-hop jams that kept me going through the frequent 12-hour shifts that were being pulled throughout the semester! (And to be quite honest, when I wasn't jamming out to this playlist, I would be rocking out to the Hamilton soundtrack. So. There's that. :P)

I hope you find a track or two you'll want to throw on your Summer playlist. Mine is well underway and I'm already very excited about the background it has provided for these warmer summer months! If you'd like to get a sneak preview on my seasonal playlists as they develop, follow me on Spotify. You can find me here! Also make sure you leave some of your favorite tracks from the season so I can check them out! :)

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